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Pay Dues Online Button 200x98You will have already received a letter concerning your WoodCreek Civic Association annual dues but should you have mislaid it, you can find a copy here. Rather than writing a check and then having to find, address and stamp an envelope, you can simply go to our payment page for 2022 and get it all done for another year in just a few clicks. You'll be given the choice of paying using any major credit card or by PayPal. There's also a reminder as to how to pay by check.




Road Relief

roads 2022 04 ajpgFor the long-suffering residents and drivers of WoodCreek Hills, some good news is on the way. The Farmington Hills Engineering Department has confirmed that WoodCreek Hills roads will be totally resurfaced in the summer of 2023 at a cost of approximately $4 million.

Background: WoodCreek Hills forms the southeastern part of WoodCreek, including Danvers Drive, Danvers Court, Harwich Drive, South Harwich Drive, New Bedford Drive, Weymouth Court and Salem Road south of Wellington Street. Since the subdivision’s earliest development in the 1960s, the roads have increasingly shown their age. Today they are marked by huge potholes, crumbling asphalt and in some cases drainage problems in times of heavy precipitation. The problem is only made worse by heavy school traffic, both by parents and buses, as well as snowplow and salting activities in winter. As far back as 2012, the City of Farmington Hills had assessed a “PASER rating” of 2 to WoodCreek Hills roads, which is the second worst rating on a scale of 1 to 10. At that time the City wanted to fix our roads but 80% of the funding would have had to come out of a special assessment paid for by the affected residents themselves. This would have resulted at the time in a $10,000 to $15,000 bill for each residence, depending on the amount of frontage. That proposal met with very little support and the plan was shelved. Thanks in part to the lobbying efforts of some WoodCreek and other Farmington Hills residents, the City changed its funding model for local roads to a millage-based one which received city-wide approval in a ballot initiative in 2018. Now the City is diligently completing road refurbishing projects City-wide with the complete makeover of WoodCreek Hills roads scheduled for 2023.

2022: Two to three “mill and fill” pavings will be done this summer until the main project commences in 2023. Mill and fill is a small-scale paving operation, usually in the order of 30 to 50 feet in length, meant as a stopgap measure in areas of particular disrepair. Over the last few summers, several such pavings were done along Danvers, South Harwich and New Bedford.

2023 Outlook: Looking ahead to next summer, there will undoubtedly be some disruption for WoodCreek Hills residents during the construction phase. The City will communicate with residents early in order to prepare them for the event, and the WoodCreek Civic Association will try to assist in any way it can to ensure a smooth flow of information. It is anticipated that when all is said and done, drivers and property owners alike will have reason to smile again.




Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Removal

garbage truck 1 200Visit our Rubbish Disposal page for information about all aspects of garbage removal in WoodCreek. In addition, our Calendar page provides information regarding future dates when our normal Tuesday collections are delayed because of holidays. Alternatively, you can view and/or print the listing of the 2022 Holiday Collection schedule.

This year yard waste removal in WoodCreek ends December 18th.

Our Calendar also includes all the upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Events. However, you don't have to wait for an event. Farmington Hills residents can drop off hazardous waste at ERG Environmental Services in Livonia at no charge (you may be asked to prove residency). More information about hazardous waste is available on the RRRASOC website.



Photos from the 2021 Holiday Fête

fete w21 14The 2021 Holiday Fête was our first since 2019, and although the ongoing COVID concerns reduced our numbers, it was nevertheless a great success and enjoyed by all who attended.

Thanks to Peggi Tabor who organized the event with the Glen Oaks Country Club, Laura Paulson and Erick Ryberg who assisted Peggi with the reservations, Marc Wilkins who was our emcee and photographer, Rick Astley sent out the email blast invitations and set-up the website payment system and who along with Peggi, designed the postcard mailer for the event. Thanks too to all the other people that helped organize and manage the event.

The photo left shows some of the ladies enjoying the evening. You can see all the photos Marc took in our Gallery page.


The 2021 Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

turkey trot 21 700px

The rain on Thanksgiving morning seemed to thin the number of our Turkey Trot participants more than the crisp cold has done in previous years. While taken seriously by some who completed the 5k with an eye on their stop watches, others walked, biked and simply enjoyed one another’s company on this family event. At the end everyone was able to enjoy the afterglow, including coffee and doughnuts, courtesy of the Rossi family.


Playback Newsletter

playback spring15Our "new" editor for the WoodCreek newsletter, Henry Pinkney, having edited two editions, is now not so new. Henry has expressed the wish to return us to a regular quarterly schedule and so will soon be assembling the Spring 2022 edition. If you have any submissions for Playback, please contact the editor via our Contact Us form.


Thanks and Best Wishes Tom and Linda Morris

ice cream 2021 30There was a collective groan when Tom Morris, a longtime and very active WoodCreek board member, announced that he and his wife Linda would be leaving WoodCreek and moving to Dexter, MI. Not only will this fun, intelligent, enthusiastic couple be missed as both friends and neighbors, but theirs are going to be very difficult shoes to fill.

Think of all the beautiful photos that have graced the Playback and our website gallery; Tom took those. Being an attorney, Tom has guided the board on all things legal during his long term as a trusted board member. Linda served as a volunteer at WoodCreek Elementary, Warner, and Harrison schools for many years, donating her considerable artistic and design talent to those schools.

When Tom and Linda came back to visit on the occasion of our Ice Cream Social, we took the opportunity of presenting them with an engraved clock in appreciation for all they have done for WoodCreek over many years. We wish them a very fond farewell with sincere wishes that they enjoy continued good health, success, and happiness in their new home.



WoodCreek Majesty


You may justifiably consider WoodCreek as “majestic”, but you may not know that is was actually once the home of European royalty; Archduke Stefan of Austria, Prince of Tuscany lived on Beech Hill for several years. Read the full story.





Nixle Replaced by FH Alert


If you had signed up with the Nixle system to receive immediate alerts from Farmington Police about crime, traffic and Amber Alerts, you'll have noticed that it has been unusally quiet lately. That's because the City has contracted with a new company to provide the service and you will, unfortunately, have to sign-up again.

FH Alert has the benefit that you can choose from a list of subjects that you wish to informed about, such as: emergency alerts, city events, severe weather, fires, floods, emergency preparedness, road closures, water main breaks, warming cooling centers, parks and recreation activities, event cancellations, election notices, and more. You can change these choices at any time by logging into your FH Alert account.

Just as was the case with Nixle, to ensure access to vital information, messages will be sent via the participant's preferred contact paths including text, cell phone, home phone, and email. Residents with a landline phone are already listed in the Farmington Hills 9-1-1 database and will automatically be subscribed to FH Alert (for mass notifications only) via their home phone. If you do not wish to receive any mass notifications, FH Alert allows citizens to go online and opt out of the system entirely.

Check out other police and security issues on our Neighborhood Watch page.


Some Future Dates to Note

Color Key:


(For a full event listing, see our Calendar page)

Each year WoodCreek holds many social events with the purpose of bringing our community closer together; helping to have neighbor meet neighbor.  Hundreds of WoodCreekers have attended these events in the past year.

WoodCreek Annual Meeting – Featured Speaker

Ice Cream Social and Pet Parade

Summer Soiree – Musical Interlude

Neighbor Watch Update Meeting

Kid’s Halloween Party and Entertainment

Neighborhood Turkey Trot 5K Run and Donut Get-together

Holiday Fete – Festive Buffet

This year, due to the uncertainty of the situation with regard to social distancing andthe COvid-19 pandemic, governed both by government edict and with regard to how people feel about congregating in groups, the WoodCreek Board of Directors has decided to cancel or postpone these normally scheduled events.

As this year proceeds, your WoodCreek board will continue to monitor and evaluate the social distancing and other government guidelines. Should restrictions be eased the board will certainly consider rescheduling as many of our fun community events as possible.  Please check for updates as well as general WoodCreek information at our website

Please stay safe and healthy,