Welcome to Woodcreek

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Courtesy of Rosemary Baer, Mary Carleton and Kathleen Parvin, WoodCreek once again has a welcoming service for new residents.

Moving to a new home is always stressful and to add to the confusion, it’s often the case that once there, even before the unpacking is done, there are lots of things to learn and find in the new area. Meeting locals who know the ropes can ease the pain, and that’s the aim of our newly revived WoodCreek Welcome.

If you are new to WoodCreek and haven’t received a WoodCreek Welcome, then we’d like to put that right. Please drop an email to welcome@ewoodcreek.com and let our team know how you can best be contacted so that they can arrange to visit at a convenient time. 

Should you know of a new neighbor or if, as can happen when we are busy with work and other commitments, you just haven’t gotten around to saying hello yet, then please download and print our flyer and either give it to them or drop it in their mailbox. That way, your new neighbor can contact Rosemary, Mary and Kathleen, and you’ll have done someone a good turn. Thank you.