Neighborhood Watch
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Neighborhood Watch

Crime Prevention Times

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The latest Farmington Hills Police Department’s newsletter Crime Prevention Times can be found here.

A Reminder About Door-to-Door Solicitors

photo idNot everone who comes to your door selling goods and services, asking for you to hear their message or requesting assisitance, has nefarious intents, but sadly, many do. In order to protect us all, the WoodCreek Civic Association in concert with the City of Farmington Hills has defined WoodCreek as a No Peddling or Soliciting Zone with posted notification signs.

While there are some exceptions to this ordinance that allows some type of soliciting to be conducted in our neighborhood ALL SOLICITORS must be registered with the Farmington Hills city clerk. When solicitors come to your door they must display, on their person, a city issued Identification badge like that illustrated. If the ID badge is not displayed or you have any issue with a solicitor give the Farmington Hills Police Department a call at 248-871-2600 and let them check it out and take the appropriate action.

The City has produces a bi-fold brochure on this subject, a scan of which you can find here.

Identity Theft

idtheftThe City has produced an informational bi-fold brochure on the subject of identity theft. View a scanned copy here.

Paw Watch

paw watchPaw Watch is a crime prevention initiative that encourages dog walkers to take an active role in preventing crime. Learn more here.


Farmington Hills Police Vacation Hotline

If you are going on vacation and would like to have the added peace of mind that the Farmington Hills Police Department is keeping extra special watch on your property, then you may now call them on a recorded line and leave them the necessary information. The phone number is:


Leave the following information on the recorded line:

  1. Name of the resident.
  2. Address of the home.
  3. Date Leaving.
  4. Date Returning.
  5. Your contact cell phone number.
  6. Will anyone be entering the home while you are away?
  7. Will there be lights on a timer inside the home?
  8. Is there an alarm system and will it be activated?
  9. Will there be cars in the driveway?
  10. Local contact info for someone looking after the home.
  11. Provide any other pertinent information.

If you want to have your answers ready before you call, we have prepared a form at this link to help you best provide the information needed.


FH Alerts

Sign up for to receive immediate alerts from Farmington Police by text, email or both. You’ll be notified about about a variety of issues including crime, traffic and Amber Alerts; you’ll see when signing up and you can choose those to which you subscribe.


 Lock It or Lose It


Farmington Hills Police Department have launched an initiative to help prevent theft from unattended vehicles. You can find advice on how to keep your valuables safe in its notice Lock it or Lose It.

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